PBA Puts All Tournament Activity on Hiatus Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

by Bill Vint March 17, 2020 13:02

NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Professional Bowlers Association has placed all tournament activities at all levels on hiatus indefinitely due to coronavirus concerns, PBA CEO Colie Edison announced today. Included in the postponements is the start of the 2020 PBA Playoffs which were scheduled to start on April 6.

The announcement, made out of an abundance of preventative caution, means all PBA Tour, PBA50 Tour and PBA Regional tournaments currently scheduled will be put on hiatus as the PBA complies with decisions made nationally and locally in a concerted effort to help avoid “community spread” of the COVID-19 virus. All scheduled events will be re-evaluated in early April.

The PBA postponed the final match play elimination rounds and television finals of the Storm PBA World Series of Bowling XI animal pattern championships (Go Bowling Cheetah, Chameleon and Scorpion Championships) that were scheduled to take place at South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, allowing all competitors including several international bowlers to return home before federal airline restrictions took effect.

The PBA World Championship finals were conducted Sunday instead of Wednesday, as originally planned, because the five finalists were on hand in Las Vegas and wanted to complete the 2020 Go Bowling PBA Tour’s fourth major championship. Australia’s Jason Belmonte won the event before an audience consisting only of a handful of PBA players, tournament officials, and his own family including wife Kimberly, daughters Aria and Sylvie, and son Hugo who had flown in from Australia to watch. The finals aired live on FS1 and was the network’s most-watched telecast last week.

In addition to PBA’s decision, the United States Bowling Congress indefinitely postponed the USBC Masters that was scheduled for March 23-29 as well as the start of the 2020 USBC Open Championships, a traditional tournament for all USBC members including a number of PBA members who planned to participate.

“This is a completely unforeseen, unprecedented issue of global concern,” Edison said. “The PBA greatly appreciates the understanding and cooperation of its players, business partners, tournament hosts and all other parties impacted as we try to do our part in keeping everyone as safe as we can.”

As circumstances dictate, the PBA will make further announcements regarding the completion of the animal pattern championships, competition points races impacting the postponed PBA League Draft and qualifiers for the 2020 PBA Playoffs.

In the interim, fans can stay engaged with the PBA through its social media outlets (PBA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and PBA on YouTube); by using the PBA App for mobile devices; the PBA Pro Bowling console game, and PBA.com.

FOX Sports also is planning multiple re-broadcasts of the PBA World Championship, PBA Tournament of Champions and Roth-Holman PBA Doubles Championship finals on its FS1 and FS2. Check your local listings for dates and times.

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PBA Spare Shots: Deadline Looming for PBA League Team Managers to “Protect” Rostered Players

by Bill Vint February 28, 2020 08:57

While PBA players continue to earn as many competition points as possible during this week’s Go Bowling Indianapolis Open and Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship, the 2020 PBA League Draft also is looming with next Thursday being a key day in setting up this year’s league draft pool.

Players hoping to become eligible for the 2020 PBA League Draft have this week in Indy and the qualifying rounds of the PBA World Series of Bowling XI to compile points, but Thursday, March 5, is the deadline for the eight existing PBA League managers to decide which of their 2019 rostered players they want to “protect” for 2020. Each manager can retain up to three players from last season’s roster.

The players not protected will be returned to the PBAL draft pool. Assuming each team returns two players to the draft, that will mean 16 spots available to join teams this year. And thanks to the expansion of the PBA League from eight to 10 teams, another 10 players will get a chance to participate when the league’s Elias Cup competition returns to Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine, July 20-23.

After Thursday’s protected players are announced, the draft picture will be a lot clearer. The PBAL Draft will take place on Sunday, March 15 at 4:30 p.m. Eastern/1:30 p.m. Pacific at South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, the host center for PBA World Series of Bowling XI. The list of eligible players will be published on March 13. Here are the 2019 teams and rosters:

2019 PBA League Final Standings (with team rosters):

1, Portland Lumberjacks (manager Tim Mack; rostered players are Ryan Ciminelli, Wes Malott, Kyle Troup, Kris Prather, Mitch Hupé).

2, L.A. X (manager Andrew Cain; rostered players are Jason Belmonte, Stuart Williams, Jakob Butturff, Dick Allen, Anthony Lavery-Spahr).

3, Dallas Strikers (player-manager is Norm Duke; rostered players are Tommy Jones, Bill O’Neill, Andrew Anderson, Brad Miller).

4, NYC KingPins (manager is Carolyn Dorin-Ballard; rostered players are Pete Weber, Marshall Kent, BJ Moore, Kyle Sherman, Darren Tang).

5, Silver Lake Atom Splitters (manager is Mark Baker; rostered players are Chris Barnes, Jesper Svensson, Tom Daugherty, DJ Archer, AJ Johnson).

6, Motown Muscle (manager is Del Ballard Jr.; rostered players are EJ Tackett, Anthony Simonsen, Josh Blanchard, AJ Chapman, Mykel Holliman).

7, Brooklyn Styles (manager is Johnny Petraglia; rostered players are Walter Ray Williams Jr., Sean Rash, Rhino Page, Andres Gomez, Brad Angelo).

8, Philadelphia Hitmen (manager is Jason Couch; rostered players are Dom Barrett, Tom Smallwood, Matt Sanders, Patrick Girard, x-Shawn Maldonado, x-Jake Peters (Peters replaced Maldonado due to injury).


FOX Sports has confirmed that Sunday’s live U.S. Open telecast was watched by an average of 1,146,000 viewers over the two hours of coverage, an impressive 17 percent increase over the February 2019 audience average for FOX Sports/PBA telecasts.

In addition, viewership spiked to 1.97 million during the finals when Australia’s Jason Belmonte made PBA history, defeating top qualifier Anthony Simonsen, 226-201, for his record 12th major championship as well as completing the PBA Triple Crown, Grand Slam and Super Slam.


After top-five finishes in each of the past three tournaments – all Tier 1 major championships in the PBA competition points structure – Jason Belmonte has assumed the lead in the 2020 Go Bowling PBA Tour points race as it heads toward the second annual PBA Playoffs.

Belmonte picked up 7,500 points for his historic U.S. Open win, following a third-place finish in the PBA Players Championship and a fourth-place finish in the PBA Tournament of Champions, to boost his total for the year to 17,195 points, overtaking previous leader Bill O’Neill of Langhorne, Pa. Defending PBA Playoffs champion Kris Prather slipped to third place after six of 13 events.

Belmonte was the points leader for the inaugural PBA Playoffs in 2019, but was eliminated in the “race to two points” quarterfinal round by Prather, 197-165, 224-214.

This week in Indianapolis, a “doubleheader” program will award points in both the Go Bowling Indianapolis Open (a Tier 2 “standard PBA Tour event”) and the Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship (a Tier 3 limited field/restricted format event). Tier 1 (major championships) award 7,500 points to the winner, Tier 2 events award 5,000 points for first place and Tier 3 events award 2,500 points to the winner(s). All other players in each event get points on of declining value based upon where they finish.

The race to finish within the top 24 in 2020 points will be finalized at the conclusion of the USBC Masters on March 29 in Reno, Nev. The PBA Playoffs will begin on April 6 in Norco, Calif. Below are the top 30 points standings after six of 13 events:

2020 Go Bowling PBA Tour Competition Points Standings
(Top 30 after six of 13 events)

1, Jason Belmonte, 17,195
2, Bill O'Neill, 15,455
3, Kris Prather, 15,070
4, Anthony Simonsen, 10,405
5 (tie), EJ Tackett, and Sean Rash, 10,340
7, Kyle Troup, 8,415
8, Tommy Jones, 7,815
9, Darren Tang, 6,940
10, Dick Allen, 6,523
11, Tom Daugherty, 6,470
12, Francois Lavoie, 6,303
13, Tom Smallwood, 6,100
14, AJ Johnson, 6,040
15, Chris Barnes, 5,950
16, Brad Miller, 5,945
17, Dom Barrett, 5,690
18, Marshall Kent, 5,445
19, Kyle Sherman, 5,430
20, Mitch Hupe, 5,370
21, Norm Duke, 5,268
22, Stuart Williams, 5,080
23, Ryan Ciminelli, 4,883
24, Nicholas Pate, 4,435
25, Jesper Svensson, 4,370
26, Wes Malott, 4,280
27, Zacharay Wilkins, 4,250
28, Josh Blanchard, 4,060
29, Thomas Larsen, 3,840
30, Patrick Girard, 3,750


In 2018, Jason Belmonte and Bill O’Neill won the Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship. Their victory on their fourth try to win the PBA doubles title is the topic of their joint PBA Player’s Perspective that became the PBA’s YouTube channel on Tuesday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJDxB7EtVdU)

To view the entire series of PBA Player’s Perspective episodes, visit the PBA’s YouTube channel and click on the PBA Player’s Perspective play list. A wide range of Player’s Perspectives currently reside in the archives on YouTube. Among the most recent are:

• Jakob Butturff’s 2019 USBC Masters win (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cuYcXxfXXs).

EJ Tackett’s 2017 DHC PBA Japan Invitational victory. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91yoFd7nd8g).

Kris Prather’s 2019 PBA Scorpion Championship win (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aVe_n8uCOM).

• Bill O’Neill’s 2019 PBA Hall of Fame Classic victory that made him title-eligible for future PBA HOF consideration (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeHXCYxWH4o).

• Jakob Butturff’s 2019 PBA Oklahoma Open win (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOsC36SxxxA&list=).

• Sean Rash’s 2012 PBA TOC victory (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkzuCw4Cpqs).

• Jason Belmonte’s record-tying 10th PBA major championship in the 2019 PBA Tournament of Champions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Si3d6oPhBo).

• Anthony Simonsen’s 2019 PBA Players Championship victory (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGLBRvb_T24).

• Norm Duke’s 39th career title in the 2019 Go Bowling Indianapolis Open (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o02VZegoziY\).

Fans can follow all of the latest video clips and more by enrolling as a subscriber to PBA’s YouTube channel. It’s easy and it’s free. Visit YouTube.com/PBABowling and click on the “subscribe” button.


Gary Morgan of Henderson, Nev., defeated PBA Hall of Famer Tom Baker of King, N.C., 237-204, in the final match to take the first prize in the PBA50 Dave Edwards Toyota South Open at Paradise Lanes in Spartanburg, S.C., Sunday, improving his all-time PBA titles record to 16.

Morgan qualified in the number three position for the four-man stepladder finals with an 6-2 match play record and a 16-game total of 3,650 pins, including match play bonus pins. He then won three consecutive matches to earn the $2,000 first prize. Tom Baker, a four-time PBA50 Player of the Year who is still competing at age 65, posted a 6-2 match play record and had 3,752 pins to qualify first, 41 pins ahead of Stoney Baker (no relation) of Canton, Ga., but had to settle for the $1,000 second prize.

In the first stepladder match, Morgan defeated non-PBA member Joseph Boothe of Belvedere, S.C., 226-203. Morgan then disposed of Stoney Baker, 226-198, in the semifinal match.

Kyle Duster from Scottsdale, Ariz. and amateur partner Matthew Zweig from Phoenix, Ariz., teamed up to win Sunday’s PBA South Point Member/Non-Member Doubles title at South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas after PBA member Derek Acuff of Phoenix, Ariz., won the South Point West Challenge portion of the PBA West Region doubleheader on Friday for his first PBA title.

In the preliminary singles event for players who have never won a PBA event, Acuff defeated 16-year-old two-hander Deo Benard of Henderson, Nev, 266-246, in to earn the $2,300 first prize. Acuff knocked out non-member Jimmy Schmitzer of Las Vegas, 258-249, in the semifinal round while Benard eliminated non-member Michael Hartter of Henderson, Nev., 278-246, to set up the championship match.

In Sunday’s doubles title match, Duster and Zweig defeated Hartter and PBA50 Hall of Famer Ron Mohr of Las Vegas, 556-464, to claim the $4,000 first prize. Duster and Zweig advanced to the title match by eliminating Gary Estep Jr. of Peoria, Ariz. and Brett Wolfe of Mesa, Ariz., 462-443, while Hartter and Mohr ousted Cortez Schenck of Phoenix, Ariz., and Eric Hatchett of Henderson, Nev., 523-435, in the other semifinal match

Closing out the February regional calendar over the Feb. 28-March 1 “leap year” weekend will be the PBA Plaza Lanes Central/Midwest Open in Crawfordsville, Ind.

For complete PBA Regional schedules including rules and entry information, visit pba.com, open the “schedules” tab and click on PBA Regional Tours to find the event(s) in your area. Whether you are a competitor or a fan, you can follow “live scoring” for all PBA Regional events on pba.com (easily accessible for Apple and Android device users using the PBA app).


Australia’s Sam Cooley has returned to PBA Tour competition to fulfill a promise he made to his mother, Donna Cooley, who died of cancer on February 18 in New South Wales. Cooley wrote on Facebook that he is returning to the U.S. to finish the PBA Tour winter schedule, noting “I will be devoting my focus solely on that as I had promised her. Once I return home preparations will resume for her life celebration.” A South Coast Open regional event to be held at Shellharbour Bowl (Cooley’s home center) in late May will include the renaming of the tournament’s adult division “The Donna Cooley Memorial Open” in his mother’s honor.

• In his fourth television appearance of the 2020 Go Bowling PBA Tour season in the U.S. Open, Australia’s Jason Belmonte added 12 strikes to his ongoing pledge make a donation for each strike thrown on television to his “2HandsHelpingAustralia” fundraiser. His latest donation included $300 for six strikes at $50 each in the semifinal match of the U.S. Open and $100 for six strikes in the title match. Belmonte has now donated $1,800 for 30 strikes in his TV matches this season.

• PBA Hall of Famer Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, became PBA50 eligible on Tuesday, Feb. 25, his 50th birthday. Also reaching PBA50 eligibility in 2020 are fellow PBA Hall of Famer Jason Couch of Clermont, Fla., and PBA Tour title winners Tom Hess of Granger, Iowa, and Brad Angelo of Lockport, N.Y.

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Sammy Ventura Voted 2019 PBA50 Dick Weber Sportsmanship Award Winner

by Jerry Schneider September 30, 2019 07:56

CHICAGO – Nine-year PBA50 Tour veteran Sammy Ventura of Syracuse, New York, has been named the 2019 PBA50 Dick Weber Sportsmanship Award winner as voted on by his fellow competitors on PBA’s tour for players 50 and over.

“It’s an award you always hope to receive not only because it’s voted on by your peers but because of the person it’s named after,” the 61-year-old Ventura said. “I think my intense passion for the sport helps keep my attitude positive and that’s what everyone sees. When you’re fortunate enough to compete at the highest level against great bowlers, how could you not enjoy that experience?”

On the competitive side, the 2019 season was arguably Ventura’s best with two runner-up finishes that matched his career high on the PBA50 Tour.

“The guys (on tour) keep telling me I’m like a fine wine getting better with age,” said Ventura, who finished second in the PBA50 Johnny Petraglia BVL Open and PBA50 South Shore Open. “I’ve had a tendency to throw the ball too hard but within the last year or so my ball speed and rev rate have started to match up better which has resulted in more strikes.

“I’m confident as ever and still determined to win,” the 11-time PBA50 Regional winner added. “The game evolves so you have to be able to learn from your experiences and make the changes to get better.”

The PBA50 Dick Weber Sportsmanship Award is named in honor of the PBA legend who won 30 PBA Tour and six PBA50 Tour titles during his Hall of Fame career and was considered one of the sport’s greatest ambassadors.

Other 2019 PBA50 Tour award winners were Walter Ray Williams Jr., who won his third PBA50 Player of the Year honor; Eugene McCune, Rookie of the Year, and Ron Mohr who won his fourth consecutive PBA60 Player of the Year award. Recipients will be presented their awards at the 2020 Senior U.S. Open in Las Vegas.


2019 – Sammy Ventura

2018 – Chris Keane

2017 – Ted Staikoff

2016 – Kerry Fulford

2015 - Tom Carter

2014 - Chris Keane

2013 - Robert Harvey

2012 - Dave Soutar

2011 - Ray Randall

2010 - Robert Harvey

2009 - Larry Graybeal

2008 - Fred Baldwin

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Mark Williams Wins PBA60 Dick Weber Championship for First PBA60 Title

by Jerry Schneider August 9, 2019 12:11

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Seven-time Go Bowling! PBA Tour and three-time PBA50 Tour titlist Mark Williams defeated Rick Minier 177-175 in the title match to win the PBA60 Dick Weber Championship presented by DeHayes Insurance Group and 900 Global Friday at Pro Bowl West for his first PBA60 title.

In the final tournament of the 2019 PBA50/60 season and third event for players 60 and over, both Williams and Minier struggled in the title match with three open frames each. Minier’s most costly open came in the ninth when he left a 7-10 split.

Williams, who was the top seed for the stepladder finals, was working on a double heading into the 10th frame but got a scare when he left the 2-10 split after a light hit on his first shot of the frame. The resulting eight-count turned out to be enough to win the match.

“I knew I needed eight to be safe but it turned out I was lucky to get it,” the 61-year-old PBA Hall of Famer said. “I got the ball a little wide and it didn’t hook back like I thought it would. Sometimes you need breaks to win and I guess that was the one I needed.”

The low-scoring title match came as a surprise to Williams after a relatively high-scoring semifinal match in which Minier, the No. 2 seed for the finals, beat No. 5 seed Hall of Famer Brian Voss 279-228.

“I think the conditions really changed and caught both of us by surprise,” Williams said of the title match. “The way those guys were bowling I thought it would take 220 or 230 at least to win. I would have never thought that the (title) match would have been below 200.”

The stepladder finals started with Voss, trying for his second consecutive PBA60 title after winning the David Small’s JAX 60 National Championship Monday, beating No. 4 seed Jerry Sikora, who finished third in the JAX 60 National Championship, 246-226. Voss then went on to beat Emilio Mora 246-169 in the second stepladder match to advance to the semifinal.

Mora, trying for his first “senior” title, made a remarkable run to earn the No. 3 seed for the finals posting an 11-1 record in match play.

Defending champion and Fort Wayne native Ron Mohr, finished sixth ending his streak of six consecutive PBA50/60 tournament top-five finishes. The four-time and reigning PBA60 Player of the Year missed the stepladder final after losing his position round match to Mora 191-177.


Presented by DeHayes Insurance Group and 900 Global
Pro Bowl West, Fort Wayne, Ind., Friday

Final Standings:

1, Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, $7,500.

2, Rick Minier, Houston, $4,000.

3, Brian Voss, Centennial, Colo., $2,500.

4, Emilio Mora Sr., Defiance, Ohio, $2,000.

5, Jerry Sikora, Lake Havasu, Ariz., $1,750.

Stepladder Results:

Match One – Voss def. Sikora, 246-226.

Match Two – Voss def. Mora, 246-169.

Semifinal Match – Minier def. Voss, 279-228

Championship Match – Williams def. Minier, 177-175.

FOURTH ROUND RESULTS (includes match play record, 26-game pinfall totals, including match play bonus pins. Top five advance to stepladder finals)

1, Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 8-4, 6,109.
2, Rick Minier, Houston, 8-4, 6,002.
3, Emilio Mora Sr., Defiance, Ohio, 11-1, 5,913
4, Jerry Sikora, Lake Havasu, Ariz., 7-5, 5,905
5, Brian Voss, Centennial, Colo., 9-3, 5,896.
6, Ron Mohr, Las Vegas, 5-7, 5,849, $1,500.
7, Sammy Ventura, Syracuse, N.Y., 6-6, 5,829, $1,450.
8, Darryl Bower, Middletown, Pa., 8-4, 5,807, $1,425.
9, Christopher Keane, Cape Coral, Fla., 7-5, 5,806, $1,400.
10, David Axon, Bellevue, Neb., 4-8, 5,785, $1,375.
11, Bob Caruso, Dayton, N.J., 9-3, 5,767, $1,350.
12, Jeff Bellinger, Columbia, S.C., 7-5, 5,731, $1,325.
13, Lee Brosius, Ashburn, Va., 7-5, 5,727, $1,300.
14, Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 7-5, 5,695, $1,275.
15, Toby Contreras, Lee's Summit, Mo., 5-7, 5,681, $1,250.
16, Edward Silva, Manteca, Calif., 7-5, 5,662, $1,225.
17, John Dudak, Orland Park, Ill., 4-8, 5,657, $1,200.
18, Dale Csuhta, Wadsworth, Ohio, 4-8, 5,652, $1,190.
19, Don Blatchford, Santa Monica, Calif., 4-8, 5,649, $1,180.
20, Bill Henson, Westerville, Ohio, 6-6, 5,635, $1,170.
21, Tommy Kress, Rochester, N.Y., 7-5, 5,630, $1,160.
22, n-Leroy Johnson, Chicago, 7-5, 5,629, $1,150.
23, Mitchell Vernon, Olympia, Wash., 5-7, 5,628, $1,145.
24, James Storts, Westfield, Ind., 7-5, 5,618, $1,140.
25, Mike Mineman, St Louis, 6-6, 5,586, $1,135.
26, (tie) Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Twp., Mich., 4-8, 5,574, and William Essman, Angola, Ind., 4-8, 5,574, $1,128.
28, Charlie Tapp, Kalamazoo, Mich., 4-8, 5,495, $1,120.
29, Gene Bruihl, Petaluma, Calif., 4-8, 5,488, $1,115.
30, Conn Casey, Canada, 4-8, 5,430, $1,110.
31, n-Jerome Woodfork, Rockford, Ill., 5-7, 5,368, $1,105.
32, Tom Carter, Columbus, Ohio, 2-10, 5,340, $1,100.

n-indicates non-PBA member

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Defending Champion Ron Mohr Takes PBA60 Dick Weber Championship Lead After First Round

by Jerry Schneider August 7, 2019 19:55

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Defending champion Ron Mohr bowled a 1,628 pinfall total for seven games to take the first-round lead Wednesday in the PBA60 Dick Weber Championship presented by DeHayes Insurance Group and 900 Global at Pro Bowl West.

The Fort Wayne native, who now lives in Las Vegas, bowled games of 246, 249, 204, 268, 245, 194 and 222 averaging 232 for the round.

“I missed the (lane condition) transition in in the 204 and 190 game,” said the PBA Hall of Famer who has already clinched his fourth consecutive PBA60 Player of the Year Award. “I wasn’t too worried about it because if you can grind out a 190 or 200 when you’re not able to make the right adjustment that’s not too bad.”

The 63-year-old Mohr, who also owns two PBA50 Player of the Year honors, is currently on a string of six top-five finishes in PBA50/60 competition. Most recently he finished fifth in the PBA60 David Small’s JAX 60 National Championship which ended Monday in Jackson, Michigan.

“It’s been an unbelievable run and hopefully I can keep it going for a good finish to the season in my hometown,” said Mohr, a two-time PBA60 titlist. “I don’t recall ever being on a stretch where I’ve bowled this consistently well.”

In July Mohr won the PBA50 David Small’s Championship Lanes Classic for his 11th career PBA50 Tour title.

Mohr holds a nine-pin lead over 2017 Dick Weber Championship runner-up Dave Axon of Bellevue, Nebraska finishing the round with 1,619. In third is 2017 winner Darryl Bower of Middletown, Pennsylvania with 1,599.

Rounding out the top five were JAX 60 National Championship and 2018 Dick Weber Championship runner-up Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Twp., Michigan in fourth with 1,583 and PBA Hall of Famer Mark Williams of Beaumont, Texas in fifth with 1,556.

JAX 60 National Championship winner PBA Hall of Famer Brian Voss got off to a slow start finishing the round in 51st with 1,421.

The field returns for another seven-game qualifying round Thursday morning at 11 a.m. ET after which the top 32 players will advance to the first match play round at 5 p.m. After the second match play round at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, the top five players will be determined for the stepladder finals scheduled for noon.

FloBowling is providing live start-to-finish coverage of the PBA60 Dick Weber Championship, the final event of the 2019 PBA50/60 season. Subscription and schedule information visit www.flobowling.com.


Presented by DeHayes Insurance Group and 900 Global

Pro Bowl West, Fort Wayne, Ind., Wednesday

FIRST ROUND RESULTS (after seven games)

1, Ron Mohr, Las Vegas, 1,628.
2, Dave Axon, Bellevue, Neb., 1,619.
3, Darryl Bower, Middletown, Pa., 1,599.
4, Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Twp., Mich., 1,583.
5, Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 1,556.
6, Toby Contreras, Lee's Summit, Mo., 1,555.
7, Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 1,540.
8, Edward Silva, Manteca, Calif., 1,539.
9, n-Leroy Johnson, Chicago, 1,533.
10, (tie) Rick Minier, Houston, and Emilio Mora Sr., Defiance, Ohio, 1,528.
12, Charlie Tapp, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1,527.
13, Tommy Kress, Rochester, N.Y., 1,523.
14, John DiSantis, Wilmington, Del., 1,521.
15, Jerry Sikora, Lake Havasu, AZ, 1,520.
16, Bill Henson, Westerville, Ohio, 1,500.
17, Mitchell Vernon, Olympia, Wash., 1,495.
18, n-Gary Kresse, Chandler, Ariz., 1,493.
19, Dave Bernhardt, Romeo, Mich., 1,489.
20, n-George Phillips, Centreville, Mich., 1,487.
21, (tie) Mike Moore, Marietta, Ohio, and Tom Baker, King, N.C., 1,485.
23, Tom Carter, Columbus, Ohio, 1,481.
24, Julius Mickel, Omaha, Neb., 1,475.
25, John Dudak, Orland Park, Ill., 1,473.
26, Ted Staikoff, Black Hawk, S.D., 1,472.
27, n-Timothy Kauble, Marion, Ohio, 1,471.
28, Sammy Ventura, Syracuse, N.Y., 1,469.
29, Bruce Hall, Westborough, Mass., 1,467.
30, n-Jerome Woodfork, Rockford, Ill., 1,464.
31, (tie) n-William Essman, Angola, Ind., and Henry Dawson, Elma, Wash., 1,463.
33, Gary Kammes, Winfield, Ill., 1,462.
34, Bill Neumann, Rensselaer, N.Y., 1,458.
35, Christopher Keane, Cape Coral, Fla., 1,457.
36, Don Blatchford, Santa Monica, Calif., 1,451.
37, Greg McMahan, Dandridge, Tenn., 1,450.
38, (tie) Mike Mineman, St Louis, Mo. and Bob Caruso, Dayton, N.J., 1,446.
40, Michael Tweed Sr., Camp Hill, Pa., 1,445.
41, Jeff Bellinger, Columbia, S.C., 1,443.
42, Dale Csuhta, Wadsworth, Ohio, 1,442.
43, Gene Bruihl, Petaluma, Calif., 1,441.
44, Joe Salvemini, Colorado Springs, Colo., 1,440.
45, Jim Price, Harrrisburg, N.C., 1,433.
46, James Storts, Westfield, Ind., 1,432.
47, William Peters, Dayton, Ohio, 1,427.
48, Conn Casey, Canada, 1,426.
49, (tie) Richard Hunt, Valparaiso, Ind., and Mark Everette, Aliquippa, Pa., 1,423.
51, Brian Voss, Centennial, Colo., 1,421.
52, Lance Lorfeld, University Place, Wash., 1,420.
53, n-Earl Bell, Troy, Tenn., 1,419.
54, Mike Hastings, Millsboro, Del., 1,418.
55, n-Peter Minaudo, Chesterfield, Mich., 1,410.
56, Gary Reh, Fort Mohave, Ariz., 1,409.
57, Lyle Zikes, Arlington Heights, Ill., 1,405.
58, n-Andrew Bizub, Huber Heights, Ohio, 1,395.
59, Marc Lineberry, Camanche, Iowa, 1,394.
60, Lee Brosius, Ashburn, Va., 1,392.
61, (tie) Bill Sell, Menasha, Wis., and Dave Flemming, Fairborn, Ohio, 1,381.
63, Galen Keas, Alda, Neb., 1,380.
64, Jim Heintz, St. Charles, Mo., 1,377.
65, Tom Howison, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1,369.
66, (tie) Brian Miller, Springfield, Ohio, and Bob Chamberlain, The Villages, Fla., 1,367.
68, Chuck Richardson, The Villages, Fla., 1,366.
69, Greg Scheetz, Scottsdale, Ariz., 1,363.
70, Ron Boroff, Mansfield, Texas, 1,361.
71, Jim Dilyard, Burbank, Ohio, 1,360.
72, Steve Bova, Massapequa, N.Y., 1,359.
73, (tie)Terry Metzner, Kentwood, Mich., and Paul Mielens, Menomonie, Wis., 1,356.
75, John Petraglia, Jackson, N.J., 1,355.
76, Brendan Bierch, Grafton, Mass., 1,350.
77, Michael Lucente, Warren, Mich., 1,340.
78, n-Dick Selgo, Archbold, Ohio, 1,338.
79, Charlie Tomey, Spartanburg, S.C., 1,337.
80, Kevin Foley, Reno, Nev., 1,335.
81, Kurt Gengelbach, Lewisville, Texas, 1,334.
82, Dale Holgate, Peninsula, Ohio, 1,333.
83, Pete Bryan, Laurel, Del., 1,332.
84, n-Mike Haggerty, Montrose, Mich., 1,330.
85, n-Barry Gilitiuk, Mesa, Ariz., 1,321.
86, Dave Dunphy, Canada, 1,299.
87, n-Jay Young, Pemberville, Ohio, 1,291.
88, n-Roland Wright, Christianburg, Vir., 1,282.
89, James Souder, Greeneville, Tenn., 1,266.
90, n-Mostafa Nejatbakhsh, Canada, 1,263.
91, Don Lane, San Francisco, 1,258.
92, Glen Nakagawa, Highland Village, Texas, 1,250.
93, Ken Waters, Kingsport, Tenn., 1,249.
94, Michael Chrzanowski, Shepherd, Mich., 1,241.
95, Dennis Lane, Kingsport, Tenn., 1,224.
96, Ron Glick, Morganville, N.J., 1,213.
97, Lucien Casagrande, Canada, 1,212.
98, Larry Graybeal, Elizabethton, Tenn., 1,210.

n – non-member

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