PBA Announces the 50 Greatest Players in Association’s History

by PBA Editor June 25, 2008 00:00
Led by prolific champions who dominated the sport through several eras including Dick Weber (50s-60s), Earl Anthony (70s-80s) and Walter Ray Williams Jr. (90s-today), the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) has released a list of the “50 Greatest Players in PBA History.”

The 50th Anniversary season of the Denny’s PBA Tour is set to begin in October. The 50 Greatest Players will be introduced as part of a gala celebration for the golden anniversary of the PBA Tour at the Tournament of Champions, January 19-25, at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas.

The 50 Greatest, which also includes such iconic bowling stars as Don Carter, Mark Roth and Pete Weber (full list below), were selected from an original list of 100 by an esteemed committee of 34 individuals, comprised of members of the media, bowling industry and coaches. Later this summer, the committee will have the unenviable task of ranking these great players 1 – 50.

The final rankings will be revealed throughout the 20-week PBA season during the ESPN Sunday afternoon telecasts from October-April, culminating with the announcement of the greatest player in PBA history.

"Since its inception the Denny’s PBA Tour has been defined by great players,” said Denny’s PBA Tour CEO and Commissioner Fred Schreyer. “As we head into our 50th year we look forward to a season-long celebration that we know will evoke great memories from the past while simultaneously creating lasting impressions for the future."

Fans will have the opportunity to rank their top 15 bowlers on the PBA’s official website, www.pba.com. Should a fan’s top 15 bowlers match the committee’s top 15 in exact order, they will be entered into a drawing to win a framed 50th Anniversary lithograph.

In addition to the retrospectives featured on the ESPN telecasts, the PBA’s online video service, Xtra Frame, will feature special interviews and video clips of the 50 Greatest Bowlers throughout the season.

50 Greatest Players in PBA History (alphabetical order)

Allen, Bill
Allen, Patrick
Anthony, Earl
Asher, Barry
Aulby, Mike
Baker, Tom
Ballard Jr., Del
Barnes, Chris
Berardi, Joe
Bohn III, Parker
Burton, Nelson
Carter, Don
Cook, Steve
Couch, Jason
Davis, Dave
Dickinson, Gary
Duke, Norm
Durbin, Mike
Ferraro, Dave
Godman, Jim
Guenther, John
Hardwick, Billy
Holman, Marshall
Hudson, Tommy
Husted, Dave
Johnson, Don
Jones, Tommy
Kent, Doug
Koivuniemi, Mika
Laub, Larry
McGrath, Mike
Monacelli, Amleto
Ozio, David
Pappas, George
Pedersen, Randy
Petraglia, Johnny
Ritger, Dick
Roth, Mark
Salvino, Carmen
Smith, Harry
Soutar, Dave
Stefanich, Jim
Strampe, Bob
Voss, Brian
Webb, Wayne
Weber, Dick
Weber, Pete
Williams Jr., Walter Ray
Wiseman, Danny
Zahn, Wayne
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