Mike Taylor Defeats John DiSantis to Win PBA50 AMF Bristol Pike Lanes Open

by ddziomba August 25, 2020 07:34

Croydon, Pa. – Former member Mike Taylor of Havertown, Pa., defeated John DiSantis of Wilmington, Del. on Saturday in the PBA50 AMF Bristol Pike Lanes Open in Croydon, Pa.

Taylor compiled a 5-1 match play record and a 13-game total of 3,051 pins to score a six-pin victory over DiSantis at AMF Bristol Pike Lanes.

Heading into the position round, Taylor trailed DiSantis by 29 pins. With the final match set to determine the winner, Taylor finished first with a double in the tenth, putting the pressure of DiSantis. Needing two strikes to claim victory, DiSantis fell short failing to throw the second strike.

With a final score of 238-233, plus 30 bonus pins for the win, Taylor secured the first-place prize of $1,500.

Taylor, who competed on the PBA Tour, won 14 PBA West Region titles as a PBA member. His win on Saturday does not count as an official title, but does count for his 17th overall regional win. DiSantis, who was looking for his third career PBA Regional title, earned $1,000 as the runner-up.

The PBA East Region travels to Baltimore next for the PBA AMF Woodlawn Lanes Open on Sunday, August 30.

AMF Bristol Pike Lanes, Croydon, Pa., Saturday

Final Match Play Standings (after 13 games, including match play bonus pins)

  1. n-Mike Taylor, Havertown, Pa., 5-1, 3,051, $1,500.
  2. John DiSantis, Wilmington, Del., 3-3, 3,045, $1,000.
  3. Glenn Smith, New York, 4-2, 2,961, $825.
  4. Jay Davis Jr., Silver Spring, Md., 4-2, 2,958, $700.
  5. Robert Leonard Sr., Lockwood, N.Y., 4-2, 2,945, $650.
  6. Michael Tryniski, Fulton, N.Y., 2-4, 2,918, $600.
  7. Richard Strath, Schenectady, N.Y., 1-4-1, 2,895, $580.
  8. Rick Graham, Elizabethtown, Pa., 2-4, 2,885, $560.
  9. Greg Hess Sr., Hamilton, N.J., 3-3, 2,849, $540.
  10. Darryl Bower, Middletown, Pa., 1-4-1, 2,797, $520.
  11. Timothy Martin, Harrisville, R.I., 4-2, 2,781, $510.
  12. Robert Mockenhaupt, Succasunna, N.J., 2-4, 2,726, $500.

n-designates non-PBA member

Editor’s Note: A photo of the winner has been posted in PBA's Media Gallery.

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